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New to Santa eVisits?

Here is a quick breakdown

Our Calendar begins November 1 and continues through December 23.


Although Santa Craig is located in the Midwest and in the Eastern or Central time zone, our calendar should adjust to your time zone, allowing for eVisits anywhere in the World!

Online Meeting

Once you've selected your appointment, you will be directed to an extensive questionnaire. This is used to create the best experience possible for your family.

Laptop and Phone

Our payment portal makes it quick and easy to secure your appointment.

Sessions range from $38.95 to $48.95 depending on the date and time.

Get ready for your appointment!

Ensure everyone has had a snack before the session and is well rested.

Talk to your child(ren) about what is going to happen so that they are ready!

Family Using a Tablet

Log in and enjoy!

Following your visit, you will receive a link to download a recording of your visit. 

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